Friday, April 21, 2017

'R.A.I.D. Special Unit' Review |Dany Boon Movie

'R.A.I.D. Special Unit' Review | Hollywood Reporter: "Actor-writer-director Dany Boon, whose 'Welcome to the Sticks' remains the most successful French film of all time, casts himself and actress Alice Pol as two bumbling special-unit cops up against crossdressing Serbian terrorists in his latest comedy.
France’s most successful local film of all time is still Dany Boon’s entertaining send-up of North-South differences, Welcome to the Sticks, from 2008, which sold an unheard-of 20.5 million tickets in a country where even the biggest blockbusters rarely attract more than 5 million pairs of eyeballs. The films Boon has directed since then, Nothing to Declare (8 million admissions) and Superchondriac (5 million), have also been hits but saw diminishing box-office and creative returns and that trend unfortunately continues with his latest, R.A.I.D. Special Unit (RAID Dingue).

An awkward mix of action film, terrorist plot, a-propos-of-nothing 1980s cross-dressing homage, romantic drama and wannabe screwball comedy, this ungainly concoction feels like the result of a mixed-media or sampling-collage experiment gone horribly wrong. What’s worse, there’s barely a funny gag to be found in the film’s plodding 105 minutes. Beyond territories where Boon is a brand name, this will be a very tough sell. At home, this February release ended up with less than 4.5 million tickets sold, which is something of a miracle seen the product they are selling. It had its international premiere at the Beijing Film Festival and will next play at COLCOA in L.A."

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