Friday, April 21, 2017

'The Paris Opera' movie Review |

'The Paris Opera' Review | Hollywood Reporter: "Swiss director Jean-Stephane Bron goes behind the scenes at the iconic Paris Opera in this Frederick Wiseman-like documentary.
In Frederick Wiseman’s masterful documentary La Danse, he provided an X-ray of the ballet that’s part of the OpĂ©ra de Paris and it is impossible not to flash back to that work when watching The Paris Opera (L’Opera), a nonfiction film from Swiss director Jean-Stephane Bron that tries to provide an overview of the entire institution of the title, which also puts on operas, concerts and recitals. Like all of Wiseman’s work and some of Bron’s own nonfiction output, which includes features such as Cleveland versus Wall Street and The Blocher Experience, there are no on-camera interviews here. Instead, Bron relies exclusively on editing to shape his mosaic-like story of the people and hard work that together make it possible for the Paris Opera to put on season after season of high-quality and high-art live spectacles."

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