Wednesday, May 24, 2017

'Golden Years' Review | Cannes Film Festival 2017

'Golden Years' Review | Hollywood Reporter: "Andre Techine's latest is based on a true story of a French army deserter who disguised himself as a woman to evade the police during World War I.
As anyone who saw last year's Being 17 knows, the great, undersung French filmmaker Andre Techine doesn't direct like most 74-year-olds. It wasn't just the racing camera and breathless pace that made that chronicle of the evolving bond between two rural high-school boys so vital; it was how alive Techine was to the possible twists and turns of male sexuality, as well as to the sometimes surprising leaps of the human heart. Though the movie was far from perfect, it was ripe with emotional and physical spontaneity — as open and vibrant a work as one could imagine from an artist of any age."

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