Tuesday, May 30, 2017

'I Still Hide to Smoke' review

'I Still Hide to Smoke' review | Hollywood Reporter: "Hiam Abbas ('Lemon Tree') leads an ensemble cast in this debut feature from Franco-Algerian director and playwright Rayhana.
A Turkish bath becomes the setting for a series of steamy, provocative and violently political confrontations between women of all ages, shapes and sizes in I Still Hide to Smoke, an intriguingly polemical first feature from Algerian writer-director Rayhana.

Featuring an all-female cast headed up by Israeli-Palestinian actress Hiam Abbas (Lemon Tree), this stagy production was adapted from Rayhana’s 2009 play, using a single location and time setting to explore the situation of women under the Islamist regime that took hold of Algeria in the early 1990s. Controversial and caustic, if a bit heavy-handed in places, the modest yet effective ensemble piece scooped up the audience award at last year’s Thessaloniki Film Festival and was released theatrically in France in late April. Foreign boutique distributors may want to take notice."

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