Wednesday, May 24, 2017

'Kiss and Cry' review |

'Kiss and Cry' review | Hollywood Reporter: "Documentary directors Lila Pinell and Chloe Mahieu follow a teenage girl enrolled in a professional figure skating program in this Cannes ACID premiere.
The blades are not exactly full of glory in Kiss and Cry, an intriguing look at the life of a young figure skater trying – but clearly not trying hard enough – to become a champion.

Shot and scripted as a fictional film while feeling very much like a documentary, this modest first feature from Lila Pinell and Chloe Mahieu offers up a tender portrait of a tough world, where budding adolescents come clashing up against the strict regimen of professional athletics. Premiering in the Cannes ACID sidebar, the ultra low-budget effort has already been acquired for French distribution and could continue on to other festivals, with a shot at boutique pickups in Europe and elsewhere.

Featuring a cast of real female skaters and their extremely sadistic male trainer, Xavier (Xavier Dias), Kiss and Cry blends non-fiction and traditional storytelling techniques into one organic narrative. One never knows if the filmmakers are simply capturing events or re-creating them, as the movie jumps between scenes of the girls on the ice and others where they just want to have fun – “fun” meaning, in part, smoking, drinking and sending explicit Snapchat photos of their body parts to guys."

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