Wednesday, May 10, 2017

'November' Movie Review

'November' Review | Hollywood Reporter: "Rainer Sarnet's adaptation of an Estonian bestseller is full of folk-tale magic and beautiful B&W photography.
A deeply peculiar folklore-informed picture in which unrequited love is more troubling than the plague, the Devil, and a forest full of ghosts, Rainer Sarnet's November upends any expectations moviegoers may have when they hear the words "black-and-white film from Estonia." Its stranger notes may initially put viewers in mind of early Guy Maddin or even Czech animator Jan Svankmajer, but November (adapting Andrus Kivir√§hk’s novel Rehepapp) proves a bit more accessible than either, ultimately boiling down to a universal story of yearning. Winner of a deserved cinematography prize at Tribeca, the film should do well for eclectic and adventurous distrib Oscilloscope."

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