Sunday, May 7, 2017

The 10 Best Grey's Anatomy Episodes of All Time


Season 2, episode 17: "As We Know It"

About: While the man with the bomb lodged in his chest remains in Burke's OR with Meredith's hand in the cavity, Bailey's injured husband remains in Derek's. Meanwhile, Bailey's distress puts her unborn baby at risk.


Season 3, episode 17: "Some Kind of Miracle"

About: An unconscious Meredith interacts with some ghosts from her past while Richard, Burke and Bailey devise an unusual method of reviving her. A despondent Cristina leaves during her shift, and Derek speaks his mind to Meredith's mother.


Season 2, episode 6: "Into You Like a Train"

About: A train wreck brings in multiple casualties, leaving Meredith hanging for her answer. Meanwhile, Alex finds working without his mojo a disheartening experience, and Cristina searches high and low for a missing appendage.


Season 5, episode 24: "Now or Never"

About: Izzie's memory problems panic Alex, the team takes care of a John Doe who was hit by a bus, Bailey rethinks her pediatrics fellowship, and the hospital endures losses.


Season 6, episode 24: "Death and All His Friends"

About: Cristina and Meredith's surgical skills are put to the ultimate test when Derek and Owen get shot.

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